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Cheers everybody! 

The shop at (my new site) has just opened! 

Come over at and let me know what you think! 

And if you find something you like, the code above provides 50 pt in discount to the first five to use it. 

So, go to and join in!


Where is your Mountain heath?

M o u n t a i n   H e a t h

Mountain Heath
Lande de Montagne

20 x 40 cm
Akvarell - l'Aquarelle - Watercolour

I bet you have a childhood memory that you cherish a little extra? One of mines is from walking our old dog in the mountain nearby, discovering new paths, plants and traces of animals. This painting is inspired from that. What is your good memories of your childhood? Let me know, via comments or email, and I'll adopt your story into one of my paintings, if you let me.


Ps! I've just opened my new homepage, at It's not yet completed,
but why not have a sneek peek and let me know what you think?



Shine Bright

S h i n e   B r i g h t

20 x 40 cm
(not available for sale)

Shine bright, wherever you are!

Small happy people

S m a l l   h a p p y   p e o p l e

These small people are happy. Because they are going to explore the world, leave their home, and travel miles and miles. They are now released for sale (£10) to let them travel. Do you want to give one of them a new home? And help them send a postcard/email/note back home?

Contact me at:
r u t h e  @ l i v e . n o 

Ps! Each piece is unique hand colored D.G.A. (digital graphic artwork) from  a limitied edition of total 50 prints.

Overcast skies happiness with mailbox

G r å v æ r s l y k k e   m e d   p o s t k a s s e

Gråværslykke med postkasse/
Overcast skies happiness with mailbox/
Ciel couvert bonheur avec boîte aux lettres 

21,5 x 17 cm


(oh, the title sounds so much better in norwegian...!)


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