Are you sure? (or maybe not?)

"Are you sure? III"
"Are you sure? IV"

"Are you sure? V"
"Are you sure? VI"

 More spectacular   Moocoo  graphic giclée prints. The lavender colored is "Are you sure? III", the one made in calming yellow is called  "Are you sure? IV" .  The coolest  graphic print is  in cooling shadow green, named "Are you sure? V", and the one in  heavy yellow is simply named "Are you sure? VI".  

 The all have the easy size 13x18 cm, which are very well fitted to this and this IKEA Frame.

The pictures in the Moocoo series is available in 15 prints, each print signed and numbered with a unike identification number. You can buy the prints by contacting me, or buy them directly at the internet shop epla.

Don't hesitate to contact me, I have just fixed the contact-link that unfortunately has been a non'workin'issue lately. But now it's workning, and I'm really looking forward hearing from you!

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