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Rivage de la Maison

23 x 56 cm

When I'm painting, I almost always  use watercolors. It's my "technique préférée". But I am extremely curious, and I love to try different techniques, in between my favorite technique. I've tried using acrylic paint several times, but I haven't felt that I've got the hang on it. 

Recently my gallery manager encouraged me to make some acrylic paintings, and I therefore had to make a good effort. 

Painting, painting, painting, resulting in lots of wasted paper, wasted boards, wasted paint, (wasted temper), and wasted time I could have used on painting beautiful watercolors..... Ah...such a waste! 

But as you know, practice...eventually gives results! So, ta-da!, I eventually have something to show to you guys!  My first acrylic painting that I'm really, really satisfied with! 
How do you like it?